Street Outlaws Death Trap Chuck vs Monza in a Super Close Race at Armageddon!

Chuck might have the Death Trap riding atop the 405’s Top 10 list, but that doesn’t ...

Chuck might have the Death Trap riding atop the 405’s Top 10 list, but that doesn’t mean every race is a walk in the park. The cars on Street Outlaws are some of the quickest no prep cars on the planet, and none of them show up to race for second place.

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Thunder Valley Raceway Park’s Outlaw Armageddon brings out almost all of the cars from the show, as well as those from Street Outlaws New Orleans and some of the biggest names in the world of no prep from across the nation. Inevitably, the guys from OKC find themselves lined up with one another throughout the weekend, and when they do, it always makes for a great race. In the video below, Monza and the Sinister Split Bumper Camaro is lined up with Chuck and both of them are tuned up and looking to take the win. After laying down some fresh rubber with their burnouts, the two heavyweights line up and wait on the starter to hit the light and send them on their way down the track. They leave together as soon as the light comes on and stay door-to-door all the way through the finish line.

The race is so close that the officials have to go to the replay camera to determine the winner. After a tense few moments, the call comes in that Chuck took the win, sending him to the next round and his crew into a celebration back at the starting line. This just proves how close the cars are on the Street Outlaws Top 10 list, and why these guys draw such a huge crowd everywhere they go. Despite losing a whole day of the event to rain, Outlaw Armageddon still drew a huge crowd of fans from across the nation to watch their favorite cars in action, battling it out for the $100,000 on the line. They’ll do it all again next August, if you want to go ahead and put it on your calendar. It is definitely an event that’s great to experience in person.

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