Rare Video Inside a Chinese Forging Factory Shows What These Workers Face Daily

Behind the scenes, when it comes to forging the unfinished materials that go into ...

Behind the scenes, when it comes to forging the unfinished materials that go into your finished goods, there’s a whole process of hard labor that really makes it all come together. Before any finished product makes it to retail or resale, there are steps that go into bringing it together that normally go unseen but thanks to the power of the Internet, we can now ride along and watch some of those processes and they end up being a lot more interesting than you might think. In this one, we take a rare look inside a Chinese forging factory that shows what these workers do to bring you the pieces you need to get to whatever end product it is that you’re looking for.

In this video, the concept is simple. This group of men is taking a rather large piece of molten metal and forging it, shaping, and stamping it down time after time until the mound is in the exact right shape of the block that will be used for another application as an intermediate product. The way that they get there, however, it’s quite interesting to watch as they all work together along with massive machines that could prove to be incredibly dangerous if you aren’t careful with it!

See the mesmerizing action for yourself down in the video below that takes this giant hunk of metal and molds it until it is just right. You would think that watching something like this would be able to capture your attention but this glowing red block of metal sure did manage to capture ours. These guys really risk their own personal safety to make something like this come to life and it’s interesting to watch and see exactly what they endure on a regular basis to make sure that the product is ready to go!

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