Mike Murillo VS Cornbread Big Tire No Prep Gets Wild!

Mike Murillo is a fourteen time world champion across several classes and sanctioning ...

Mike Murillo is a fourteen time world champion across several classes and sanctioning bodies n the drag racing world. To say the man knows how to win would be a gross understatement. However, he may be facing his toughest challenge yet these days in the outlaw world of no prep racing.

Mike and his famed LaFawnduh fox body Mustang have certainly had some successes in the Wild West world of racing on unprepped tracks, but it seems wins are certainly harder to come by for the Texas based racer. If you need help understanding why, just check out the video below, where he’s lined up with a no prep car that flies under most everybody’s radar, only to often step up and punch the heaviest hitters right in the mouth.

Taking on Murillo is the nitrous-huffing fourth gen Camaro known as Cornbread, a car with a fairly simple combo that just flat out works on the tricky surfaces faced by no prep racers at each event.

It seems the crowd is leaning pretty heavily toward Murillo, and with his resumé, it’s understandably hard to bet against the guy. However, if you picked Mike this time, you lost. Both cars looked to make pretty solid passes, though Murillo’s car did make a move toward the centerline around 150’, which could have certainly been the difference maker with Cornbread in the other lane hooked up and blazing straight down the middle of his lane to take the win.

You can hear the crowd’s somewhat stunned reaction, as most of them obviously expected Mike to take the win. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we line up and race head to head instead of comparing things like dyno numbers and trophy cases. In the no prep world, the track is the great equalizer and it certainly leveled the playing field for this pair.

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