Even Hearing the New Hemi Setup on “The 55” will Give you the Chills 🎥

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Street Outlaws then you probably know a little ...

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Street Outlaws then you probably know a little machine that goes by the name of “the 55.” This screaming red machine boasting a Hemi setup that is most certainly one for the ages. With this new combo on the boat, you can most certainly expect this machine to be one that makes some noise as the action continues on. Up until this point, it’s already been known to hurt some feelings on tracks and streets across the country. It might a bit bigger than most cars that you’re going to see out there in the streets but don’t let that fool you because this thing will sneak up on you when you’re least expecting it and pack a punch that will leave a mark. Ask us how we know!

It’s funny how, with cars like this, you can get all rustled up about what they’re capable of without even seeing them move and that’s exactly the case here as we watch when this machine gets fired up and listen in as the exhaust spits out a note that’s unlike any other. Even something as simple as listening to the way that this car, that’s plumbed for plenty of nitrous, sounds, you know that it’s a badass ride, even if you haven’t seen what it has done against the opposition when it becomes time to get serious. We urge you to do a quick search here on Speed Society to see more of this one!

Check out the video down below as this machine is brought to us by the National No Prep Racing Association that gets you in the zone to check out this old school Chevy as it makes its presence felt all without even breaking a sweat. This is one machine that you should definitely keep an eye on moving forward because we get the feeling that it’s going to only be going upward from here.

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