EKanooRacing’s Lexus RCF Sets A New Pro Boost 1/8th Mile Record 3.592 At 218.7MPH

While the rest of us here in the states – except for those lucky folks in Florida and ...

While the rest of us here in the states – except for those lucky folks in Florida and south Texas – are fighting off the winter blues and total boredom waiting on racing season to kick off in a couple of months, the race season is in full swing elsewhere in the world. We’ve already seen the adventures that Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN had in Australia last week at the Street Machine Summernationals, and the season is in full swing in the Middle East, where things are getting heated for the record-hoarding EKanoo team.

For those who aren’t familiar with the team, Ebrahim Kanoo has assembled one of the most insane stables of badass drag cars on the planet and hires the best of the best to tune and drive them. Not only do they win early and often, but they set, reset, and re-reset their own records often as well. They are a force to be reckoned with for sure, and I have a ton of respect for them as a team.

One of their most talked-about cars, this wicked ProLine twin turbo V8-powered Lexus RCF, runs under what we here in the states would know as PDRA Pro Boost rules, which mirror the NHRA legal Pro Mod rules. At the end of the 2017 season, ProLine’s own hired wheelman Jose Gonzalez set the Pro Boost record at 3.63 seconds while fellow driver and ProLine co-founder Eric Dillard cranked out the classes top speed at 215.89 MPH, both at Virginia Motorsports Park. Well as you might imagine, the EKanoo team trained their sights on those numbers as goals for the Lexus, and they’ve smashed both records at the Bahrain Drag Racing Circuit when driver Khalid Mohamed wheeled the Lexus to an insane 3.582 at 219 MPH, knocking big chunks off of both ends of the record. The car made an absolutely gorgeous pass straight down the track and when they boards lit up, the team exploded in cheers as they knew the record was back in their camp.

Now the question is, how low much more can they knock off the records before the BDRA season ends and the racing here in the states kicks off? Only time will tell!

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