Check Out The Green Goblin Regal On 22’s Yanking The Front Tires!

We’ve been saying it for a while now, and the proof is becoming more and more ...

We’ve been saying it for a while now, and the proof is becoming more and more widespread: Donks are not to be messed with on the track! These cars have been evolving for quite some time now, starting out as a joke to the racing community and now becoming a huge part of that same family. Don’t take that to mean we were being jerks, though.

For years, donks were not built for speed on any level. Much more about looks and what can only be described as curb appeal, the cars were built to grab attention with their killer paint jobs, booming stereo systems and, perhaps the most obvious accessory, their massive rims. Pushing the envelope from the days when 20” wheels were big to now seeing wheels upward of 30” pretty frequently, the rim game was what made donks stand out the most. However, from a performance standpoint, all of this literally worked against the cars going fast.

However, a few ago, things began to shift in the world of big rims and candy paint. They cars’ owners didn’t exactly go away from the flash and panache, they just began focusing on what was under the hood as much as they did the rest of the car, and it wasn’t long before we started seeing cars in the waterbox with huge wheels and the stereo thumping while laying down some killer looking passes. Most of these donks live in the grudge racing world, so they keep the clocks off and their ET’s are top secret, but as you can see in this video from our buddy JMalcom2004, they are really starting to get a grip on the whole issue of hooking these low profile tires.

It looks like this car, a Buick Regal named Green Goblin for obvious reasons, has really figured out the whole issue of weight transfer, planting the huge 22” rear wheels that yanking the nose high into the air. I can’t say for sure if the owner had piled concrete blocks in the back, or maybe there’s a massive speaker box back there helping add weight over the rear tires, but you can see the car biting hard and laying down some killer looking passes at Florida’s Palm Beach International Raceway. How’s that for a great looking ride that also gets it done on the track?!

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