🎥 Bikers Struck Incredibly Hard with Reality of How Slow their Bikes Are

When you’re a newbie at racing, it’s easy to get tricked into thinking ...

When you’re a newbie at racing, it’s easy to get tricked into thinking that you’re a lot quicker at it than you are. Because you have no means of comparison, this can mean that you magically give yourself more or potentially less credit than you actually should. This time, we catch up with quite the striking video that showcases a couple of motorcycle riders who headed out to the track to play with the big boys and it just so turned out that it doesn’t really look like they were actually ready to partake in this battle. We don’t want to discourage these folks from riding altogether but maybe they should get a little bit of practice before heading out there with those two are a lot faster. It kind of looks dangerous with all of the skill levels mashing together out there.

Even the uploader of this video admits that they were caught a little bit off guard while rolling around this track, thinking that they were doing pretty well, when all of a sudden they managed to get swallowed up by not just one or two but a whole group of bikes that would roll right past them. It’s quite the site to watch, even if these riders were taken aback a little bit by the more experienced group. Hey, at least we know by them uploading the video but they’re taking it pretty lightly and they’ll probably be sure to head back out there with a little bit more practice under their belts to try and conquer the racing surface.

Check out the video below that puts you on the scene as these motorcycles zip around the track with a vengeance. I’m sure that, with a little bit more time behind the handlebars, these riders will be up to par and hitting their marks a lot more accurately. Be sure to tune in below to this pretty awesome video that captures a unique perspective from out on the racing surface.

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